Deconstruction woman (She-‘Self ‘, She-‘Other’)


She- Self  She- Other


Life beyond the self.

It’s a Self-portraiture, photographic self-performance about female subject and an artistic practice.




My representation of construct self through a bodily gesture and positioning performed in front of camera, by representing desire, reflection about woman through my bodily, I try to assemble and stage my subjecthood in images. My body used as material and medium for this photographic work. The element of performance for this work balances the relevance of my physical appearance with the more imaginative ways in which I can record the inner self.





Deconstruct mode of performative self-imaging that opens up an abstract way of thinking about woman, in terms of constructed fantasies and the sexually identified subject. It also could explore notions of self-identity.

Jennifer Wang
MAY 2016 London


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Jennifer Wang 2016 London