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self- finding 

searching for own identity 

might fail to reveal a clear picture?.. feature something not obvious, vague… ‘the third meaning “?..

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40 years time passing, spatial changing, transforming… reflect changing of selfhood, questioning ” lost” girl, love, memory, the differences which all immerses into air. ethereally express that, in various social environment, the relation or position with past, present, ambiguous position to find a way out.



Immerse memory in the air – love

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Mystery of mysteries.. Plants, water and air are right there before us. Every time I view the nature, I felt a calming sense of security, as if visiting my “ancestral” home; I embark on a voyage of seeing, of finding myself.

This track makes me want to just stop everything. I think about the man I love, I picture a life of our in a place that meets our needs, keeps us happy and healthy. I wish I were using my youth more wisely. I’m scared thinking that I’m nearly 20 and my next 4 years are planned out for me.. I don’t want to miss anything. I want no regrets. I wish I could leave everything and I wanted.

In my work I’m not trying to give an answer to any questions, I just watch and listen to what causes my internal response very carefully. This project supposes to be just simply an extension of my feelings.

 (test work shot at Mont Blanc )







 My darling darling girl……..


Some scences (test works shot at Amersham)…immerse mentally into a hostile and unfamiliar environment. To put myself into this landscape, construct a space, to become part of it, to find a zone in myself where time and space will cross.



The first goal is to turn myself into s something else and try to express a sense of self finding self belongings through this transformation. I wanted to show the confusing or ambiguity of selfhood, self recognition and self finding.

Article circle, high land, Iceland .. I aimed that the geographic reality will give way to dreamy imagery.

 Also I refer to the concept of “home”, where am I belong to..

My practice functions around the notions of how I feel, understand, and remember and dream the home or a place..

 (test work shot at Amersham)



Jennifer Wang 2016 London