JW visual art


JW visual art


Jennifer Wang  is a visual artist and photographer based in London and Beijing. With a background in fine arts, photography and visual design, she is interested in avant-garde, experimental, conceptual practices, and performance art.

Her visual works often showcase delicate yet powerful and intricate aesthetics, representing the crossover relationship between photography, design, fashion, art and technology.

Her education and working ground encompass UK and Asia, having graduated with two Masters of Art in Photography and Design for Communications at Westminster University in London.

Versatile skills and artistic mind, together with strong technical capabilities, let her experiment with a wide range of contemporary media and digital art; her creative sense often combines the realism of her own photographic style with hyper-real and aesthetically refined images.

Fine art background comes to surface in her use of the latest digital media and alternative practices combined with traditional photography.

As a photographer, she masters a wide range of styles from studio works to outdoor action photography and she has been producing images for worlds leading brands with a focus on cars, nature and people.

Her art works have been exhibited in London and internationally and she has been awarded with the Westminster Distinctiveness Award in 2017.




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