Miss Who


Miss Who’ Personas




The girl is an allegory for something deeper and darker, in the mythic unconscious of everyone,

regardless of sex….

You set up a space, or like a place where you can work with

no interference.

And that sort of ends up being your role…

                                                                                    Miss Who




What makes up a person’s identity?

Can we show who we are with PERSONAS, STORIES that are not literally true?

Miss Who’s personas and story

  • White sheep
  • No named woman
  • China girl
  • A song for nature and future






Chapter 1


1   White sheep

  • dreaming mirror

Miss Who calls herself ‘white sheep’.

(……..girlhood imagination of sheep, angel sheep, bus sheep, taxi sheep, police sheep, fire sheep, Gypsy sheep, white paper & fur cloth sheep, ghost sheep, Sadako sheep, avant-garde sheep and more types. Why does Miss Who call herself “white sheep”?

One day they met.
He calls her a bird, she calls him sheep man.
Her wings are transparent, invisible. He said
‘I dream you dancing in the mirror’…..
‘Let me fly, you have to wait’
‘I wait so long, I can wait…’






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Miss Who assumes multiple roles of photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser,

stylist, wardrobe mistress, with costumes.                        38

Miss Who has deftly altered her physique and surrounding to create a myriad of tableaus and characters





Chapter 2


2   This is Miss Who – No named woman site43


Link to block myself site

Link to boredom site

Link to my heart is paralyzed site


Link to being out of your league site

Link to keep telling myself – all is full of Love site














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Chapter 3


3 China girl—substitute






The China girl is melting herself with her different images different personas which has many characters many colors. She is a substitute object for the man who she loves. She creates different colors, shapes as much as she could, to satisfy the man’s imagination of another girl, he used to love. She plays hard… in the end the man noticed Miss Who is not Miss Who anymore, is a girl who has such power, strength and quality inside than him, and he played her role…










Chapter 4


4  A song for nature& future — who is it

(………A song asking me, to think about who inspired me. Who do I turn to to pick up, keep me going. I believe all stories had a theme of connected-ness. We are all linked. And humans must be close to one another to achieve peace. My inspirational muse of nature, of a simple friend is the strongest link I can have. They give me a crown that makes me feel like I can rule the world. Just to feel that way. And then I hand it over to the next person and inspire someone myself.







Our lightness..Keep close to your muse

whatever and whomever

that may be.

You can achieve your own enlightenment.






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Miss Who’s persona – The Who continues…….








Miss Who’s print story book —  on sale



Imaginary Voyage




“Imaginary Voyage”

Life itself is the image



I am interested in spiritual matters. I am interested in the nature of my feelings.

My personal photographic project: “ Imaginary voyage” is mainly using a metaphorical

method and ambiguous, poetic way to express the natural personal desires and drifts,

through engaging processes that place these desires into the natural world. It follows its own

dreamlike logic.

My wish is to give viewers time to rethink the act of seeing, and to see the ambiguity within

the deceptively simple act of “seeing things as they are.”


The series evolves into different sequential elements , which are water, watercolor, painted

petals, myself and myself portrayed in the photos drifting in the water world.

The project focuses on my self-awareness, self identity and belonging. Concerns for personal

emotions, freedom and the liberation of the inner self.

I shot what I feel and I shot my own self-portrait, wrote down why I took it and what I felt in

doing it…. Sometimes what I want to tell is not obvious, and other times the viewer is left

with his own interpretation.





If its not there, we write it down.

If its not there, we hand it over to our imagination.





I exist in my dream

Myself through a voyage… the colors, the water

the fragments of petals…25




I find myself in the water in the air

Can you see me

Can you feel I exist

Are we related…



I will follow the wake in the air, the fragrant wave

from petals, the trail on the water, the mirage in

the dark nights…


I wish to hunt myself down, to struggle with






Myself after a voyage

Myself in an illusion

Myself in reality

Myself through double layers

Myself through the fluid water

Myself as seen through your eyes, your         i28


Who I really am and who I am supposed to be.









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Jennifer Wang 2016 London Marylebone




‘Imaginary Voyage’ printing hand -crafted binding book – on sale